How To Store More Lives

Hello Farm Heroes! I hope you guys are having a great weekend and playing Farm Heroes Saga! Today I am going to give you a tip about “Lives”. You all know by now that “Lives” are so much important in this game. At a time you get 5 lives to play the game. If you failed to complete a level your one “Live” is used for that. So if you want to play more and more then you need extra Lives. But the question is how to get the extra one? One way is to request your friends to get more Lives. You can send Lives and in return they will send them back to you.

There is another trick. The trick is you can store extra Lives in your message box. When you open your game, you will see a message window like the following photo.



Just claim 5 lives and scroll through the rest of your requests to send lives and tickets to your friends. When you have done that, simply click on the X as shown to close the messages containing just your extra lives. When you have used up your 5 lives, simply open your message box as shown below and claim 5 more lives.



Close again and repeat until you have none left.

When your message box is empty refresh the game and with luck there’ll be more requests for you to accept. So by this way you can store more Lives and can play as much as you wish. Play more and be the ultimate Farm Hero!

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