Magic Beans! Collect more and beat Rancid

Hello Farm Heroes! Are you addicted to Farm Heroes Saga? Beat your friends in this wonderful game of farm animals and keep playing. Today I am going to share a little tip with you. It is about the “Magic Beans”. As you play Farm Heroes Saga, you may have already noticed that after each level you get a number of magic beans as reward. Magic Bens are used to do extra damage when you play Levels where Rancid, the Raccoon have taken over the Farm, but maybe more important: To buy boosters with, each booster has a different action that you will learn as you go through the game. With magic beans you can buy different boosters to proceed with the game.

magic beans

In each level you can get the magic beans. Battles come in the form of puzzles where players must again collect specified crops. You can spend Magic Beans to enhance your damage against Rancid so that defeating him may be an easier task. Magic Beans may be earned by completing a level. The more score you made the more magic beans you get. So always try to make higher scores to get more magic beans.


There is a quick tip on how to get more magic beans. The trick is you can play any level that you have completed already over and over again. The set is almost same for each level that you played before. So it becomes easy for you to collect more points. To make it more easy go back to Level 1 and play that over and over again. The apples are always in the same place and you only have 3 moves so it takes a few seconds to play and you always get 250 beans!

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