Rancid The Raccoon

Farm Heroes Saga – the ultimate farm adventure. Farm Heroes Saga is one of the popular match 3 games on Facebook. In this game you need to save farm animals and show your matching skills. There are some levels where you need to beat Rancid the Raccoon. This is like a boss fight is this game. You need to decrease his health level from 100% to 0%.



From level 10 on certain levels you will have to defeat Rancid the raccoon in the game. The levels which involve Rancid are marked with this purple icon containing Rancid’s face. When you begin the level he will jump down off his mixer with an evil laugh and scare all the cropsies away! To defeat Rancid you have to match the required crops and these then hit him. It will weak him with each move. His strength meter will gradually go down to zero when he will be defeated and you will won.

To defeat Rancid you can use the +1 or +2 boosters which you can buy with magic beans at the start of the level. So choose your booster wisely.


Boosters get more expensive as you go through the game. The +1 booster adds one point to the score for each match you make and the +2 booster adds 2 points to each match so making it a bit easier to defeat Rancid. So in higher levels you need to use more powerful booster to defeat Rancid. Most importantly you need magic beans to buy booster. Focus on scoring more in other levels to get more magic beans. Te more magic beans you will have the more powerful booster you can buy in each “Boss Fight”.

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