Trick To Defeat Rancid Easily

Hello Farm Heroes! I hope you all are having a nice weekend playing Farm Heroes Saga. In Farm Heroes Saga you all know there are some levels where you have to defeat the evil raccoon Rancid. If you don’t stop him he will destroy all the cropsies.  In the levels where you have to fight Rancid is a bit different from other levels. Here you don’t need to collect a stated number of specific crops. Rather you have to collect just some mentioned elements as much as you can. The mentioned elements will reduce Rancid’s health.

farm heroes saga rancid

The objective of defeat Rancid is make is health come to zero from hundred percent. The more you collect the elements his health will decrease. You can use magic beans to have some advantage in this level. The trick is always playing the old levels where you are good at. Play the levels again and again and collect magic beans. You can use magic beans to buy booster to get advantage over Rancid. You can buy +1 or +2 booster to get help on this. +1 will do one extra damage and +2 will do two extra damages on each move to Rancid. So more magic beans you have, the more easily you can defeat him. The trick is to collect more magic beans before facing Rancid.

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